by The Buildings

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released April 17, 2016

all songs written by The Buildings*

Mariah Reodica - vocals, guitars, theremin, synths
Alyana Cabral - vocals, guitars
Dominic Zinampan - vocals, bass
Kevin Hansen Reformado - vocals, guitars, bass, drums

produced and mastered by The Buildings at Idioterne studios at Pasig and Mandaluyong, Philippines.

*Lyrics on Different Shades of Blue co-written by Paolo Arciga.



all rights reserved


The Buildings Philippines

Your four-piece fuzz pop darlings from the urban sprawl of Metro Manila, Philippines.

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Track Name: A Modest Proposal
Sit down because I’ve been watching you all day
And I’m tired of walking down these empty streets
With no one else to meet


I got fired by my best friend’s brother
for the third time in fifteen days
he said you’ll never make it if you sing off pitch
with that dumb smile on your face

So I took my suitcase and took a lift
Down to the corner of the street
Where I saw a heavy metal band
With a vocalist like Lou Reed

Why does the world decide that good things end this way?
Why won’t you marry me before we go our separate ways?

I could wish I had a Camaro
Or I could wish for world peace
If I wasn’t so busy drawing lines
Between the faces that I meet
Track Name: Different Shades of Blue
What am I to do when I want nothing new
And all I wanted was you in different shades of blue

But things don’t go that way
In every shade of grey
And I belong on this side of the sea

We’re tired and all we ever wanted
All we ever needed was to shed a bit of light

What am I to do when I can’t get through to you
Try to paint you off in black when you left me just with shades of blue
Track Name: Manila's a Trap
You’re not the only one I’ve been absent from

And you go on about how what I figured out was wrong
Because it wasn’t part of your plan all along

Why do you make me feel so bad
If you want me to come back

All I know I wouldn’t ask of you what you wouldn’t do for me
Track Name: Lou's Coffee Shop
Today I saw your little ring
Hiding in the sand
Put it in a canary cup
To put it in your hand

Before you walked away
Your little crochet hat
Unraveled and you sang

That’s why I’ll never pass by Lou’s coffee shop
Or speak of it again

You don’t have to apologize
Because I don’t write cards each year
There are some things I’ll learn to accept
And some I’ll learn to fear

So go walk away
I’ll pop some champagne
Bottoms up while I can

And maybe then one day
You’ll show up and say
Come back to me again
Track Name: Howard's Favorite Song
Trust me you’ll be fine

Thinking all bout you
Losing your good shoes
Getting the blues

Thinkin bout yourself
Leave it on a shelf
I’m all by myself

When I leave in the month of May
Won’t you believe me when I say

Got my gin and lime
Always on my mind
All of the time

Never shut your mouth
Maybe until now
Leave the lights out
Track Name: Lucid Sister
Lucid sister, older brother
Thought things would last forever
But they won’t, so don’t

Lose your lover to another
bout of indecisive weather
And wipe away those tears

From your eyes
down to your thighs
up to your collarbones
and take it back home

You’re only making things harder for yourself boy
Stop crying and put down your guitar
Some day you’re going to find yourself on a road map and say
They never gave you the time of day

Expletives from your teacher
Never really let it reach you
What are they trying to say anyway

To the sky and the sunshine
To the teenagers who’ll break our tombs
Track Name: The Doom Squad
You were packing up your socks
And the jackets to match
And every little thread in tow

But you tore out every bow
And every sleeve in every hole
Leaving me with nothing but gold

And that was the last time I saw you

I used to be proud of you but I don’t think that I can do it anymore

Someone’s packing up our tables
And they tread down our halls
While you’re sipping tambourines
Against masculine walls

Would you rather take the entrance
The exit or what’s between

Or would you rather watch TV
while teenage riots run along the streets
Pretending that they’re you and me

And that was the last time I saw you
Gazing down at your shoes
Track Name: Peppermint & Sage
Peppermint and sage in the golden age
It won’t be the same
Track Name: Museum Tower
Take a deep breath
You’re bound to learn sometime
It’s another word that lights up your eyes
And another glance that goes your way
It’s all I need to want to stay

Could it be, it couldn’t be
Another person I’d never be

Take another look
You’re bound to learn sometime

Of all the places I’ll never be
Of all the places I’ll never see

Could it be, it couldn’t be
Of all the places I’ll never be
Could it be, it couldn’t be
Of all the people I’ll never be
Track Name: Wonder Showzen
Exiled from the lobby
Where the college freshmen play
Inside the decisions
That you'll ever make

Shake off your eyelids to see what they'll see
Kicking your keyboard like it's no game

But I know you well

I lined up for the lottery
Where I was told nothing was free
A thousand years a thousand days
it makes no difference when you age

A thousand people run and scream
Because someone stole another dream

You look so fine in that brand new dress
And I wish I could get some rest